Frequently Asked Questions

How much is your rental charge?
Our rates vary. Please contact us for a quote.

Is the Writers Guild Theater located in the same building as the WGAW headquarters?
No, the Writers Guild Theater is located at 135 South Doheny Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90211 and WGAW headquarters is at 7000 West 3rd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90048.

Do you have more than one screening room?
No, the Writers Guild Theater is a single-screen venue.

Can one rent the Reception Space only?
Yes, but the daily rental charge still applies.

Does the Writers Guild Theater have an in-house caterer?
No, we do not provide in-house catering. Clients may bring in an outside caterer of their choice as long as they can provide us with a certificate of insurance naming the Writers Guild of America, West, Inc. as Additional Insured on the day(s) of the rental in addition to Certificate Holder.

Does the Writers Guild Theater require proof of insurance prior to renting the venue?
Yes, we require a certificate of insurance from our clients listing the Writers Guild Theater as Additional Insured and Certificate Holder on the day(s) of the rental.


What is parking like at the Writers Guild Theater?
The Writers Guild Theater contains over six levels of covered parking in the adjacent structure north of the building and south of Wilshire Boulevard on the west side of Doheny Drive. The rate is $6 after 5pm on weeknights and all day on Saturday and Sunday. The prepaid rate is $500 for the same time frame.

Does the Writers Guild Theater have Wi-Fi? 
The Writers Guild Theater provides high-speed Wi-Fi for our clients only.

Is there a seating chart for the Screening Room?
Yes, see it here.

Is there a floor plan for the Reception Space?
Yes, see it here.

How do I schedule a walkthrough of the Writers Guild Theater?
Please call us at (323) 782-4598 or email: Theater and we will be glad to schedule an appointment.

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